Why Smart translation Abu Dhabi is Important to Grow a Business?

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No doubt English is the language that is known worldwide, but still, a study says that there are only 4 out of 10 people who can speak and understand English with fluency,which means there are 6 billion worldwide who cannot.

So, if your business website or primary language for business is English only, you can imagine how much reach you are missing out on. This one fact is enough to justify the significance of smart language translation in today’s world.This along with many other reasons, defends the potential of smart language translation in reaching out to the international audience.

What is the smart translation for?

Smart Translation is basically a simple yet complex and specialized field. It isn’t just about changing one sentence into another language but keeping the context and actual meaning of what is being said or written. Where there is no room for any error otherwise, it can create a legal problem.

It is not only for websites, sales growth; it is required in contracts, copyrights, legal statements, documentations, business proposals, and even live and online meetings with international partners or business clients require interpretation to overcome language barriers. As explained above, how important it is to overcome the communication barrier to reach the global market for business growth.

The translation is not an easy job, as the business challenges multiply the content landscape inflates as well. To achieve strategic growth, improvement in penetration into the contemporary market, and taking place in the global market, a smart translation abu dhabi,content localization, and reach to all types of the targeted audience is required.

Moreover, the cultural aspects and context of the message should be considered along with translating mere words according to the target market to communicate your business.

Moreover, it requires extensive expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which includes keywords, hashtags, content localization, and placement. In this digitalized world, online marketing is the new go-to boostto your business.

It is obvious that offering translation features in your website in minimum of 3 major languages to as many languages as possible makes it more feasible for foreign customers to understand and trade with your business. Above mentioned things are what is going to make your content reach the targeted market globally. And this cannot be achieved with mere word to word translation. Acute Smart translation can work wonders in achieving the goal of the global approach.

Why hire legal translators for business?

You might feel that legal translators are expensive and you can do this job on your own but wouldn’t a lawsuit be even heavier on your pocket along with a lot of tension and risk? Legal translation requires extensive knowledge of legal terms and how to interpret the sentence keeping its original meaning and context.

When translating legal business documents, ambiguity is a big no! As is the jargon knowledge. The forms, definitions, and terms are extensively influenced by the cultural and legal system of the country, which makes it important to have expertise in legal terminologies according to the country the message is being translated from and translating to.

Moreover, the professional legal translators offered by legal translation services companies in Abu Dhabi and other places have supplementary qualifications in different fields. The law language can be tricky sometimes, even when written in your mother tongue.

Also, they better know the marketing terms and catchy phrases to attract an audience towards your business. The sensitivity of this has a great influence on making or breaking your business. So, why give yourself a headache? It is better to let the professionals do the job.

Command and access to the legal Translation Technologies

Once you got a better knowledge of the types of content for different target audiences and markets you prioritize, you will know that they all require a different type of translation service. Some of these require technical translation especially marketing translations. They require translators that are experienced in digital marketing.

They have immense knowledge of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and keywords in different languages to use in the translation to get the reach to boost your business. Also, they know which keywords are suitable according to the country and targeted market. These technicalities are hard to manage by an ordinary translator or if you are thinking of doing it yourself. This is why we should prefer to Smart Translation over just word to word translation.

Moreover, in this era of technology, there are different kinds of automatic and machine translations available. The translations are done by using automatic translators also falls in the category of Smart translation.

However, it still requires a professional translator to scan through the translated draft for possible errors like expressions and context of the text. This is calledpost-editing of Machine Translation (MT). Also, you may not always have access to the best Machine translator and software to do the job you want.

In order to optimize the quality and return on investment, Smart translation technology service allows both customized and automated workflows to increase the validity of the outcome as per the stipulation of your business. We just have to make it Intelligible that which translation and interpretation strategy will work the best for our business.


Concluding that, it is recommended that in this global world of technology we have a substantial opportunity to expand our business through the internet worldwide. Smart translation is the tool that can help in reaching the targeted market all around the world.

Businesses need to go for professional legal translation services to grow their business whilst overcoming the communication barrier. There are many legal translation services companies in regions like UAE, USA, South Asia, and almost all around the world that offer smart translation services.

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