Things You Didn’t Know About Translation and Languages

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According to 2020’s statistical report of languages, Russian is one of the most popularly spoken languages in the world. It has ranked as the 8th most spoken language in the world, with 258 million speakers. Just two steps above, the standard Arabic (a language popularly spoken in Dubai) has ranked as the 6th most spoken language with 274 million speakers. Due to this outcome, Russian translation services are on the high rise of demand. Many documents are written in this language, companies, and businesses incorporate the language in their advertising materials, and websites, booklets, and media texts also have the translation in this language, therefore increasing the need for translators.  

Russian translation Dubai thereby is on the high side as a service that requires top quality and is a fast-growing business. There are various segments of which Russian translation Dubai is required, and they are explained below;

Segments Where Russian Translation Dubai Is Needed

Following are the segments where you might need to translate Russian to Arabic or Russian to English translation. 

Legal translation

Due to the world globalization of languages, the need for legal translation has escalated tremendously. Many people are now looking for legal translation Ajman every day. From businesses to other fields of life legal matters are important. You need someone who can translate the legal text in simple and secure way. Al Syed Legal Translation makes sure that you get the best Russian legal translation Dubai copy. Examples of documents that may need legal translation include:

  • immigration documents
  •  financial documents
  •  identity documents 
  • Witness documents 
  • Agreements 
  • Driving licenses 
  • Documents issued by a court
  • Marriage certificates 
  • Medical reports
  • Power of attorney 
  • Wills and other forms of legal documents

For instance, legal translation Ajman services are very popular because Ajman (one of the seven Emirates of UAE) is a popular and perfect place for work. Therefore, many documents will require legal translation (which may be to translate Arabic to Russian or to translate Russian to Arabic or simply from English to Russian translation Dubai)

Popularly, there are a lot of companies offering Russian legal translation Dubai that you can take your pick from. However, one of the major setbacks to Russian legal translation Dubai is that it is very complex, and this is because the legal rules, regulations, and law in the country where the source language and desired language originates from are not the same. Therefore, an intimate study of the law is required to carry out the tasks. Human translators are thereby required to avoid mistakes. Professional translators the AL Syed Legal Translation know the job as they have years of experience in translating complex legal documents.  

Medical Documents Translation

Another area where one might need Russian to Arabic translation is in the medical field. If you are a Russian or have medical reports in Russian language and you’re living in Dubai then you might have a problem on hand. If you want doctors in Dubai to understand your reports then you need to translate these reports to English or Arabic. This is where Al Syed Legal Translation comes to your rescue.

Presentation Translation

From English to Russian translation Dubai services are also required when speaking to a Russian audience. For Example, during a presentation at a conference where Russians are present, the language barrier can cause difficulty in communication. Therefore you might need a translator (a human translator is most recommended) to communicate to your audience.

Other segments of Russian Translation Dubai include

  1. Language tutoring
  2. Medical translation
  3. Technical translation
  4. Academic translation 
  5. Marketing translation 
  6. Audio/video translation 
  7. Email translation
  8. Corporate translation etc.

Significance of Russian Translation in Dubai

The importance of From English to Russian translation Dubai includes: 

  1. Expansion and growth of multilingual companies. 
  2. Accurate and effective communication during a presentation.
  3. Global generation of revenue
  4. Promotes international diplomacy
  5. Enhance and improve tourism 
  6. Globalization of companies and businesses
  7. Promotes online communication
  8. Effectively sell products to people

Now that we know a bit much about the segment and importance of Russian translation Dubai, we will go on to discuss how to choose the best Russian translation agencies.

How to choose the best Russian translation in Dubai

There are lots of Russian translation agencies in Dubai. The problem is how to find the best Russian Legal translation Ajman service.  Some key things to consider when choosing from the long list are:


Price is a key thing to look out for when it comes to choosing a translation Company. In the translation industry, you get what you pay for. It affects the quality of the work, and it should not be compromised. You should go for an option with a basic or affordable, which offers quality compared to its competitors.


It would be best if you opted for a Company for translate Arabic to Russian with the best testimonials and reviews. The Company should provide detailed reviews, feedback, and referrals from past clients on requests and not on its webpage. Then you can go ahead and get information about different clients they have worked with and their responses.

Quality and Worth of Service

The translate Arabic to Russian companies must have uptight quality control procedures. This includes accreditation and certification from regulatory bodies. The Russian translation to Arabic Company should also guarantee 100% quality of work, such as editing and proofreading.  

Qualified And Experienced Translators

Unlike online translating machines, human translators do a better job at translating because they are trained to put their reader’s minds into consideration. Therefore, you should go for companies that promise qualified and experienced translators to do the work. This applies especially in cases of Russian legal translation Dubai, where legal documents are to be translated. Errors are not tolerated, and knowledge of the law of the source and target language is mandatory.

There may be other things to look out for, but the above described are key points you should make sure you take into consideration when making a choice.

Final Verdict

To ensure the quality of work, ensure that you hire a highly professional and experienced translation Company to translate Russian to Arabic. Don’t forget to visit the Al Syed Legal Translation Company’s official website. You’ll see that they have many years of professional writing experience and a professional team of writers to help you with everything you need. So, what are you waiting for get in touch with the Al Syed Legal Translation and enjoy the best services! 

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