Travel Security Tips for Business Travel

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ExecSecure, an innovative, worldwide security transportation service, is now available through a unique web-based platform for business travelers and corporate travel agencies, providing access to reliable, affordable security transportation, including armored vehicles and bodyguard Peru, if necessary.

Road traffic incidents are the number one killer of U.S. Citizens traveling abroad, and vehicles are the focal point for multiple criminal attacks including express kidnap, actual kidnap, muggings and personal assault,” said Mark Deane, CEO of ExecSecure, Inc. “Organizations leave themselves open to numerous litigation issues if they have employees fend for themselves with taxis and ride share services, especially in certain cities; ExecSecure can help reduce that risk, providing high-quality security services and peace of mind to business travelers.

The platform handles booking, delivery and oversight of secure executive transportation services for business travelers including access to vetted drivers, vehicles, armored cars, and bodyguards. ExecSecure users simply register, click on the city they want and the dates of their travel, and then choose from a menu of vehicles and security services. Payment is via credit card to negate the often lengthy and cumbersome purchase order and invoice system.

ExecSecure was developed by former Special Forces and counter-terrorism specialists from ETS Risk Management who identified that organizations were leaving themselves open to potential litigation by leaving business travelers to maneuver unnecessary, hazardous situations in high-risk environments.


ExecSecure was founded to meet the needs and demands of the modern executive business traveler in an increasingly uncertain world. It is staffed by leading global security experts with extensive experience at the highest levels of Government, Special Forces and Intelligence services in the U.S. and U.K. and is operating in partnership with technical specialists to deliver an innovative, secure ground transportation booking system. ExecSecure is a subsidiary of ETS Risk Management; learn more About Us, a leading Global Security and Risk Management Company based in Bethesda, MD.

SE Asia Tourist Hot-Spots Affected By Zika

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With all eyes on Rio this summer as the city hosted the Olympic Games the Zika virus and associated health hazards were rarely out of the headlines. Participating nations athletes, families and fans alike expressed concern over the risk and several high profile athletes dropped out; largely due to concern over the particular risks affecting pregnant women or those likely to fall pregnant.

Out of the Headlines but Still a Risk

online travel safety training

Whilst the Zika virus no longer occupies the front pages of our newspapers a recent World Health Organization report has not only highlighted the ongoing risks of Zika but also that it is has spread extensively across South East Asia, and now affects key tourist destinations including Thailand and Indonesia.

At Explore Secure we actively encourage all travelers, be they business groups, students or vacationers, to always carefully plan and prepare for the trip abroad in order to not only understand any risks – but also how best to mitigate them so as to best enjoy a rewarding trip. To that end we urge all those heading overseas to understand Zika, where it is prevalent and the best measures to take to reduce exposure.

Zika Cases Increase across SE Asia

Zika infections are “highly likely” to keep spreading in Asia, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned. Hundreds of cases of the virus have been reported in Singapore while two cases of Zika-linked microcephaly have already been confirmed in Thailand.[1] Across the region increased numbers of cases have been reported many including pregnant women. Thailand and Singapore have reported the most cases – but Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines have also reported cases.

The US Communicable Disease Center now advises that: “Zika virus has been present in areas of Southeast Asia for many years, and several countries have reported occasional cases or small outbreaks of Zika virus infections. Zika virus is considered endemic in some countries, and a large number of local residents are likely to be immune. However, US travelers to endemic areas may not be immune to Zika virus and infections have occurred among travelers to Southeast Asia. Recent variations have been observed in the number of cases reported in Southeast Asia. This can reflect changes in awareness of Zika virus, surveillance and testing for Zika virus, or changes in intensity of Zika virus transmission. Pregnant women traveling to Southeast Asia could become infected with Zika virus. The level of this risk is unknown and likely lowers than in areas where Zika virus is newly introduced and spreading widely”

Pregnant Women Travelers

With the particular risks associated with pregnant women the center has issued the following considerations: “Zika virus infection during pregnancy causes severe birth defects, including microcephaly and severe fetal brain abnormalities. Therefore, pregnant women should talk with their healthcare provider and consider postponing nonessential travel to Southeast Asia. Zika virus testing should be offered to people with symptoms of Zika virus disease, including pregnant women and others who develop symptoms during or following travel.”[2]

How to avoid exposure to Zika

For those traveling to the region – or indeed already there given the significant ex-pat population in Singapore – you should follow the same sensible guidance that is issued for protection against all mosquito borne disease and illness. Simple adoption of this best practice to limit exposure, avoid bites and covering exposed skin is the best approach. Follow the following:

  • Cover exposed skin by wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants/trousers.
  • Avoid areas of stagnant water where mosquitos breed and don’t allow pools/puddles of water to gather close to your accommodation.
  • Use EPA-registered insect repellents containing DEET, picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus (OLE, also called para-menthane-diol [PMD]), or IR3535. Always use as directed.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women can use all EPA-registered insect repellents, including DEET, according to the product label.
  • Most repellents, including DEET, can be used on children older than 2 months. (OLE should not be used on children younger than 3 years.)
  • Use permethrin-treated clothing and gear (such as boots, pants, socks, and tents). You can buy pre-treated clothing and gear or treat them yourself.
  • Stay in places with air conditioning and window and door screens to keep mosquitoes outside.
  • Sleep under a mosquito bed net if air conditioned or screened rooms are not available or if sleeping outdoors.
  • Mosquito netting can be used to cover babies younger than 2 months old in carriers, strollers, or cribs to protect them from mosquito bites
  • Zika can be spread through sexual contact – therefore the use of condoms or abstinence whilst in areas affected should be considered.
  • More information can be found at

All travelers should understand the risks and seek advice when making the decision as to whether they should still travel. Consult your family doctor or physician prior to travel and also on your return – which is always a sensible practice. At Explore Secure – we champion safe travel and encourage our friends and colleagues to explore the world armed with the most up to date and sensible guidance to stay healthy, safe and above all to enjoy their travel experiences. If you are interested in learning more about travel safety and health check out our online travel safety training briefings.

Choosing a Right Moving Company

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So, you are moving. Maybe your move is just across town and maybe you are moving from Edmonton to Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver. Are you moving from a furnished apartment or from a home you have lived in for twenty years? When choosing a moving company in Edmonton, you need to know if the Edmonton moving company provides the moving services that you need. Some big moving companies focus on long-distance moves and are not really interested in short moves across town. And, small local movers may specialize in local moving and not have the resources for a large move to another city in Canada. With Helping Hands Family Movers, you have an Edmonton moving company that is happy to help move your belongings to another location in Edmonton or anywhere else in Canada. Once you have narrowed your search to companies that will do your sort of move, you need to consider if they can do the job when you need it done, have the experience to do the job right, and charge a fair price.

Is The Edmonton Mover Available When You Need Them?

If you need to move when your house sells, when your rent is up on your apartment, or when a new job is available in a distant city, you need a mover that is available when you need them. When hiring Edmonton movers, this requires that you find an Edmonton moving company that has the resources and initiative to be at your service when you need them and not when it is convenient for them. When you are working from a short list of Edmonton movers, you can cross anyone off the list that starts telling you when you can move and when they can show up! For long-distance moves, you may need to be flexible because the company will be committing more resources for a longer period of time. But being available when the client needs to move is part of the job description for a professional moving company.

Experience And Competence Are Important When Choosing A Moving Company In Edmonton

For the best moving services Edmonton has to offer, ask how many years the company has been in the moving business and ask for references. Reviews and testimonials are important and give you insights that may not be apparent from simply talking to the Edmonton moving company. Although a brand new moving company may do just fine for your move, you are entitled to the assurance that the company will carefully handle your possessions. You will also want to make sure that they are insured and bonded. You are entitled to know just how they will handle your property during the move as well. The “frequently asked questions” or FAQ page on the Helping Hands Family Movers website explains in detail how floors and furniture are protected against scratches, how to protect your valuables during a move, and more. And, if cover the issue of taking bulky furniture apart to move it and putting it together at the end of the move!

Choosing A Moving Company In Edmonton With Transparent Pricing

When you have settled on the company to move you across town or across Canada, you need to make sure that you can afford their price. Helping Hands Family Movers in Edmonton lists their moving rates on their website for all to see. If you are in need help for a move in Edmonton or anywhere in Canada, contact Helping Hands Family Movers of Edmonton today.

Why Can’t I Buy Cement and Make My Own Driveway?

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A concrete driveway can easily last 30 years or more if the cement mix is right, the workmanship on the money and routine maintenance carried out. You are thinking of a concrete driveway for your home and thinking about how to get the best possible price. After checking around you are wondering, “Why can’t I buy cement and make my own driveway?” Can you do this? How much work is it? What could go wrong? Wouldn’t you end up with the same result? The answer is, no. Basic concrete driveways require careful and exact preparations, the right concrete mix, and enough workers to do the job. Each worker has to know their job and correctly finishing the driveway surface makes the difference between a driveway that looks great for 30 years and one that spends that last 29 years with chips and pockmarks. And, if you are interested in a decorative concrete surface, like exposed aggregate or stamped concrete, these require skills that are acquired over many years.

What Is Involved in Creating a Concrete Driveway?

If you believe that concrete work for a driveway looks easy, guess again! You need to know how to prepare the area, set up the forms, and even level the ground as needed. Once the cement truck arrives and it comes time to pour the cement, every step needs to be done properly and on time. Skill and experience are critical if you want to reliably get the best job done every time. And, correct finishing results in the most attractive and durable surface while mistakes will be visible for decades.

Concrete Flatwork Process

Concrete driveway, sidewalks, patios, and floors are “flatwork.” There are more than a dozen steps and most of them happen after the ready-mix truck comes and delivers the wet concrete. So, you can take your time preparing the area, setting up forms, and deciding how much concrete you need, but everything else is equal parts experience and performance art! Here are the basic steps we carry out at Patriarch Construction when creating driveways that look great and last for decades,

  • Remove the old driveway by jack-hammering it to pieces and cart the pieces away
  • Check out the soil base, determining concrete slab length, width, and thickness
  • Get a permit from the City of Calgary (if needed)
  • Demolition: jack-hammer and remove the old driveway, as applicable
  • Excavating the site down to solid soil or to make space for a base of gravel
  • Build forms and slope them so that water will run off the finished driveway
  • Lay a gravel base and tamp as needed (or tamp the existing soil base)
  • Add a metal slab reinforcement and plastic barrier for moisture as needed

Note: All of this happens before you need to pour the cement. It is critical that these steps are done correctly because mistakes like large areas of concrete Calgary that are laid on soft or un-tamped soil or gravel will sag and leave the concrete slab at risk of cracking and sinking.

Now things speed up as the cement truck arrives and starts pouring.

Pouring a Concrete Driveway

For a driveway-sized project, the cement is delivered by truck (ready-mix). It poured down a trough to fill the forms. Enough workers need to be present to spread the concrete with rakes and shovels and level it.

Screeding the Concrete

To screed is to level the wet concrete using a long, straight board. This commonly takes at least three people, depending on the size of the concrete driveway. This is done as soon as the concrete is in the forms.

Initial Edging of the Concrete

A cement mason shapes the edges of the slab using a concrete edger (tool).

Floating the Concrete Surface

This is the smoothing that takes place after screeding. It can be done with a small hand float, a long-handled bull float, or even a power float (power trowel). While screeding can be done by novices, floating is done by a more-experienced cement mason.

Joint Control Creation

Eventually, your concrete driveway will have cracks. It makes no difference how good your base supports the concrete, how good the cement mix is, or how good the workmanship is. Warm summers, cold Alberta winters, and years of use will cause cracks in the concrete surface. Creating control joints helps control where cracks will occur. This is done by cutting into the concrete slab to one-fourth of its thickness.

Hand-troweling the Concrete

A cement mason will kneel on a board laid over the slab and smooth it even more with a trowel or hand float. This is done during the pour and can be done later as touch ups.

Final Edging of the Concrete

This is the last time that the mason will shape the edges of the concrete and along the control joints as the concrete is now setting.

Brooming the Concrete

This is just like it sounds. The mason uses a broom to add texture to the concrete surface. This is also when other finishes or surface textures are introduced, such as with decorative concrete.

Curing the Concrete

The cement mason sprays the slab with a curing agent and a sealer to finish off the job.

Specific Skills Required for Finishing a Concrete Driveway Surface

If these lists of steps have not answered your question, “Why can’t I buy cement and make my own driveway,” there is more.

When you are pouring a driveway is not the time to learn how to pour and finish concrete. If you really want to buy the cement and do the job yourself, start with a concrete slab next to your tool shed. When you have gotten that right after a few tries, you might consider a slightly larger project. Unfortunately, when you get up to large “flatwork” projects like driveways, you need to train a crew as well.

Finishing cement correctly is an art. When the cement mason uses floats and trowels, it is not just to smooth the surface. The idea is to push the gravel in the concrete just below the surface to leave a top layer of “cream” composed of sand, cement, and water.

How to Pour a Concrete Driveway

There is a skill in doing this part in that the mason needs to work the surface just enough and then stop. Finishing too soon often results in a weak top surface that will flake or “spall.” Waiting too long to start means the surface will not smooth out easily and you will end up overworking it and also getting a weak top surface that flakes.

The concrete driveway will last for thirty years. You would rather that it did not start out with areas flaked off the first year! For more information about concrete driveways, decorative concrete driveway surfaces, or pricing, contact us at Patriarch Construction.

Buckfast Could Be About To Be Hit With A Price

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Brexit could be bad news for Buckfast drinkers as Brexit could boost the price of a bottle of Buckfast wine by up to eight per cent, according to drink industry experts.

And that would impact heavily on the price of a glass of the vino in the pubs and clubs where it is most popular, in the Orchard County – and elsewhere in Ulster and beyond including Australia.

The wine does come from a British wine-maker, the famous Buckfast Abbey in Devon. It’s nurtured and bottled by monks there. But for decades the base wines used in the brothers’ brew has been imported from France.

Now, the Sunday World has discovered that honey used to make the mead in Buckfast also comes from the continent, from specialist beekeepers in Portugal. Article Source

“The price of all of those are bound to increase if British Prime Minister Theresa May goes for a ‘hard’ Brexit, which looks increasingly likely, and high customs tariffs are reintroduced.

Said one Belfast-based drinks industry insider yesterday: “A huge amount of the alcoholic drinks consumed in Northern Ireland are imported.

And the price of importing the base wine and the bees’ honey is sure to take off, like most other imports from EU countries, if the current free trade agreements [1] with the UK collapse.

“Think even of Guinness, brewed in Dublin, and even the wide range of Irish whiskies made in the Irish Republic as well.

“Wine is no different. We all know how much of that is imported from France, Spain, Germany and other EU countries.

Buckfast tonic wine Australia may be different in that it is made in Britain.

“But its core ingredients, the French base ‘mistella’ wine and honey from Portugal are imported, too.

“And if they balloon in price because of Brexit, the price of a bottle of Buckfast is bound to, too.

“Overall, on those imports – and that includes Belgian beers like Stella Artois, or as it’s known in West Belfast Chuckie Artois, and Dutch beers like Heineken – you could be looking at a price hike of between eight and 10 per cent.”

And that would be bad news for the boys from the County Armagh – and elsewhere – who have a particular liking for what they call ‘Lurgan Champagne’.

“Buckfast may be called a tonic wine, but a price rise like that will be anything but a tonic for those who drink it,” the wine importing expert added.

Meantime, the bees in Portugal which actually produce the specialist honey are called – what else? – but Buckfast bees.

They’re bred by a wizen-faced apiarist in his 70s called Jose Vicente Furtado, and the strain is sold on to other beekeepers for producing honey from his hives in the town of Burgau, near Lagos.

And here’s a fact to raise a glass to: Jose’s black bees (the British black bee was wiped out by a condition known as ‘acarine disease’) are man-made.

Senhor Vicente’s race of Buckfast bees are bred through – wait for it – artificial insemination.

Which could, in the end, be a cure, if not for the age-old male problem of what Ulster beer drinkers call brewers’ droop, then certainly an antidote for Buckfast droop.

Buckfast is available in Australia via an Irish startup Company in Sydney who operate Buckfast Australia Facebook page(Click here), or via Hellodrinks, Those in Sydney have the luxury of having Buckfast delivered cold to their doors within 60 minutes by an Uber Style Alcohol delivery service also owned by the same Irish company called Swiftdrinks.

How Much Pressure Do My Tires Need?

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Just because summer is winding down, it doesn’t mean that road travel is. For many drivers, the end of summer temperatures are a reminder of change to come. Some drivers are soaking up the last few weeks to hit the trails and the sand, or take a local day trip. Others are packing up and taking those college kids to campus.  Any way you slice it, change is coming and change of season, means change for your vehicle’s tire pressure.

Every year we’re all reminded to check the batteries in our fire alarms when we change the clocks. So why not use the change of season as a reminder to check your tire pressure? You can always bring your vehicle to a qualified mechanic to check your tire pressure. But, with a simple air pressure gauge and a Masterflow 12-volt portable air compressor you can check your tire pressure and adjust your tire pressure at your convenience.  

Tire pressure is affected by temperature so it’s very important that you do check the pressure when the seasons change and the temperature fluctuates. Don’t forget air is a gas that expands when heated and contracts when cooled. In most parts of our country, this makes fall and early winter months the most important times to check your tire pressure. As summer comes to a close, there are a few things we can count on.  The seasons will change, the air will get crisper and your tire’s air pressure is going to go down. 

To check your tire pressure you first need a tire air pressure gauge.  There are different types of air pressure gauges. There are digital, stick or dial gauges.  Grab yourself an Air Pump and check your pressure. Now, if you have the original tires that your car came with, you can easily look inside the driver’s side door to see what the recommended PSI (pounds per square inch) is for your tires. It’s most likely in your owner’s manual as well. Remember that that number is the maximum amount of air your tire can hold, not the recommended Pressure Calculator. If you have aftermarket tires then you are going to want to go to the tire manufacturer’s website or contact customer service to confirm this information with them before you go any further. 

Once you have your recommended tire pressure, you’ll need a Masterflow 12-volt portable tire inflator that suits your needs. There are different air compressors that are meant for different sized tires. For instance, the Masterflow MF1035 is a good fit for a passenger car size tire while the Masterflow MF1050 would be better for a small light duty pickup truck or SUV. If you’re lucky enough to be driving around with cool, larger tires you might want to check out the Masterflow MF1089 because that packs quite a punch and it’ll top off bigger tires fast.  

You may say, “Humph, who cares… As long as I don’t have a flat, does the air pressure in my tire REALLY matter?” Yes, yes it does. It’s a no brainer. Keeping your tires properly inflated is safer, helps prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your tires so they last longer, and even helps save you money on gas. So, when the seasons change use it as a reminder to check your tire pressure, or you can count on writing a check for some new tires quicker than you think.

How To Get The Stamped Concrete Installation At The Right Cost

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The stamped concrete patterns cost for a patio area will include the concrete, colour in addition to sealer, and labor if contracted out. A project embracing 800 sq. . ft. . Might be in the neighborhood of $5,000, more or less depending on variations and selections. Stamped concrete patterns needs to be pressure-blasted as well as washed every year. Resealing is unnecessary annually, yet it is a good idea since the stamped concrete patterns cost can be originally pretty significant. Failure to do so let’s excessive moisture soak into the cement and finally it will begin to pit, crater and crack. Moisture content will even because the steel rebar inside the cement to decay which will create fractures as well.

Concrete is a common house construction material, used in the building of basic foundations, porches along with other things in your home. The price of concrete per yard can vary, depending on the style or variety employed.

Ornamental concrete or stamped concrete patterns cost is greater simply because it features a stylized finish that will need much more work. As reported by the web page Stamped Concrete Cost, stamped concrete could cost approximately $18 or higher per sq.ft. , during the time of publication.

Take into account the sort of feel and look you are planning for the landscape before investing in brick pavers or stamped concrete patterns. If you wish an old-fashioned feel, brick is likely to bring out a lot more old style ambiance than stamped concrete patterns. Stamped concrete is great for projects such as pool area outdoor patios, where a particular layout may be sought after, without the additional trip-ups of authentic brick.

Stamped concrete for a pool’s patio area is simply concrete that’s stamped and patterned to seem like all kinds of other surface types. Common stamped concrete looks comprise flagstone, slate, brick, tile as well as timber. Like its friend, conventional poured concrete, stamped concrete is not as pricey as other kinds of pool deck materials for example pavers. Along with enhancements in concrete colouring, stamped concrete could also take on whatever colour a pool owner would like for the deck.

In comparison with regular poured concrete, stamped concrete is far pricier. The cost of poured concrete at time of being published was in fact under $5 per square yard or about .55 for each square foot. Stamped concrete moreover isn’t as durable or as color-fast as pavers. In addition, stamped concrete for pool areas can lose colour and stain if it isn’t sealed and then cleaned routinely. Sad to say, neglecting to carry out regular upkeep of stamped concrete will likely lead it to produce cracks with time.

Creative Content Marketing 2019 Examples

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Are you using content marketing techniques that adversely impact your strategy and success? Have you witnessed a mass exodus of ROI?  Marketing is an ever-evolving landscape and 2019 is hurtling towards marketers, challenging trust, authority and approach with abandonment. 

But fret not, just like evergreen content, there are two constants that remain: 

  1. Content Marketing Agency will continue to be critical, even more so than in 2018. 
  2. The content creation and distribution networks will continue to evolve. 

If you continue to adapt the way you create content and use your distribution channels, your marketing will remain authentic and engaging, producing results. Measurable results “We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.” Craig Davis J. Walter Thompson

Content Marketing trends to avoid in 2019

Silo-ed focus on manual search queries.

Research suggests that typed searches are an endangered species as conversational commerce continues to rise. Search behavior has changed. Did you know that voice assistants prompt one in five Google searches on mobile devices? Analysts foresee an increase in this method of search and predict a screen-less search environment is lurking in the shadows. 

This is a perfectly plausible scenario, as each generation uses voice-responsive devices as the norm, talking, not typing will become the benchmark for search. Studies show:

  • 71% of 18-28-year Old’s use voice assistants compared to 39% of people aged between 44-53. 
  • Between 2014-2017 the number of people using voice search increased 75%.

The societal stigma of talking to yourself in public has faded. From Siri, Alexa ( to Google Assistant, in a rapidly developing communication space, tapping on the microphone to talk into the Google search bar will soon become commonplace.

Content Marketing trends to embrace in 2019

The way we talk into a phone is far removed from what we type into a search engine. Conversational, colloquial even. 

Traditional keyword strings will seem redundant. Long-tail sentences that mimic what people say and how they say it, will be necessary to compete in this crowded space. Also ensure you:

  1. Use natural phrasing in your Meta, titles and header.
  2. Be cognizant of the conversational nature of voice search when researching keywords. 
  3. Use analytical data, site links and rich snippets to guide Google into providing the right information people are searching for. 
  4. Optimize natural language content to appear at the top if you’re strategizing with ‘near me searches. 

Powerful messaging with video

2016 ushered in the age of video and animation, including GIFS. Demanding attention across social media platforms, blogs and live feeds. The era of static imagery was done.  

Fast forward to 2019 and movement is the key to capturing the roving eye. Not bound by scripts or intensive planning, the advent of live video is satiating the hungry masses who want to share real time moments of engagement with brands and businesses.

  1. 82% of respondents to a Live stream survey stated they would prefer to tune into a brand’s live video than read its social media posts 
  2. 64% of those surveyed commented that a Facebook video impacted their purchase decision 
  3. 3 x more people are tuning into live video than traditional video on Facebook

Live video in 2019

  1. Content and social media marketers should feature live video as a critical element of their marketing strategy 
  2. Live video is cost-effective, no need for polish or expensive editing. A mobile phone is all that you need. 
  3. Showcase product demos and connect with influencers in your space. 
  4. Host Q&A sessions with both clients and staff with ease. 
  5. Real time testimonials as you interview clients, past and present. 
  6. Stream from live events, seminars or product launches, engage clients and the community. 

Personalize your Marketing in 2019 

One-size-fits-all marketing strategies are no longer relevant in an era where personalization equals ROI. Personalized marketing offers tangible experiences to the consumer.  

Imagine this; you capture a visitor’s name and email with gated content, such as an e-book. The next time that prospect loads the content, they’re greeted by their name. But why stop there? Why not supply other links to content that complement the e-book?

  1. Personalization will profile your brand and services and build trust with your intended audience. 
  2. Personalized marketing leads to 4 x more conversions than generic marketing (Salesforce study) 
  3. A Genome research study shows that 59% of shoppers who encountered personalized marketing believe it positively influenced their purchasing decisions.

What’s a marketer to do? 

Professionalization is an incremental process, offer value to your visitors and collect data in exchange. Content that compels delivered to prospects that have exchanged their personal information with you, is a powerful influencer and gateway. Consider data collection a slow burn.  

Build trust with your audience, reduce resistance by sharing information that is relevant to your prospect at the right time of the buyer’s journey. Nurturing campaigns will assist in slowly collecting additional personal data and guide your marketing collateral choices in structure and platform.

  1. Always personalize CTA’s across your site and throughout your content 
  2. Try a first name acknowledgement on your home page

Long-Form Content Will Shine!

From Neil Patel to Brian Dean, to bloggers and content marketers everywhere, creating long-form content equals smarter marketing, equals higher rankings. Google is currently ranking blog articles of 1,500+ words as preference. However, short form blogs which are solutions based and incredibly well written can prove just as influential. There are too many factors for a prescriptive catch-all rule, but current trends support longevity.

As you embark on your long form content journey, ensure your message is concise. Many an audience is lost when asked to wade through an ocean of content, with no solution in sight.  Include strategic and dynamic visuals. Posts with visuals grab 94% more engagement than those without.  

Don’t Forget your Stackable Content 

As you craft and strategies your long form Content Marketing Services and blog posts, don’t forget the stackable content for those prospects who are time-poor. Short, engaging posts with shareable graphics will find your content across social media platforms in no time. 

Pressure Testing and Rate of Pressure Change (Psi/Min)

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Pressure Calculator

Intelligent Pressure Testing and Rate of Change

Pressure testing specifications imposed by verification body standards include the following parameters:

  • Test Pressure
  • Hold Period
  • Allowable Pressure loss (over the hold Period)

Thorough pressure testing specifications will also include:

  • Min Test Pressure
  • Max Test Pressure
  • Improving Trend [True/False]

To aid in testing, Test Pressure and Hold Period can be combined into a rate of change (ROC). For example, where the Hold Period = 10min and the Allowable Pressure Loss = 30psi, the Average Allowable ROC = 3psi/min. That is, if the average rate of Pressure Calculator change during the 10min Hold Period =< 3psi/min, then the hold and allowable loss component of the test specification will have been achieved.

Once we know the Average Allowable ROC, we apply it to a test by sampling a short duration of pressure x time data and multiply it out to display it as psi/min, then compare that to the specified Average Allowable ROC.

Pressure Test Result Prediction with Average Allowable Rate of change

The DARTT Recorder samples data over a few seconds, removing motion induced pressure noise (vessel or rig heave causing water hammer) and displaying psi/min.

So why is using the ROC of such significance?

  1. You cannot pass a pressure test until you have met the Average Allowable ROC
  2. Typically, the ROC will be met well before the end of a pressure test Hold Period.

Note: The image below shows the pressure line turn from blue to green as the pressure tests ROC meets or exceeds the Average Allowable ROC for the pressure test specification. You can see approximately 1.5 min in to the 5 min hold period, the DARTT Recorder is showing an inevitable pass.

Save Time Pressure Testing with a DARTT Recorder

The ROC User Interface, combined with the DARTT Recorders other test health functions, such as “Trend” and “Prediction”, can save a lot of time when pressure testing. They also make trouble-shooting leaks significantly faster and more definitive.

Pressure Calculator

ROC displayed during a test can tell the operator not to “bump” pressure when the ROC has been met and the predicted end test pressure will not be below the minimum test pressure.

Alternatively, if you have not met the ROC, and the test is not showing an “Improving Trend”, then the test is not going to pass as things stand. Most likely caused by a leak somewhere in the system that needs rectifying, so prolonging the hold period is wasting time.

Test with confidence

ROC, Trend and Prediction functions give an unprecedented level of confidence in the results during the test. Having a pressure-testing tool that can provide an objective pass/fail based on the given criteria removes the second-guessing and allows the focus to be on the next step, not whether the last step was correct.

Further Application of the DARTT Recorder ROC Pressure Test Assessment

Consider running Riser for a BOP or Intervention System. It is desirable to confirm each Riser connection before running the next. Usually once the BOP/Intervention system has been landed and latched, a final pressure test re-tests all previously tested connections.

Save a lot of time without reducing quality by pressure testing these and similar connections until the Average Allowable ROC has been met. Very little (if arguably any) assurance is gained by holding such a pressure test beyond this goal.