XENON to Deliver and Support ESI Mineset Predictive Analysis Solution Across Australia and New Zealand

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XENON, a leading provider of high performance computing solutions, announces that it has partnered with ESI Group, a leading innovator in virtual prototyping software and services, to deliver and support its Mineset predictive analytics software in Australia and New Zealand.

Enabling interactive data exploration through advanced analytical and visual tools, Mineset employs Deep Learning Applications to allow users to discover insights, predict outcomes and prescribe actions. Mineset includes an intuitive web-based user interface for easy access from any browser as well as a comprehensive API for integrating with other software. Mineset can be deployed on premise for fast and secure access or provided through a cloud-based subscription.

XENON offers a wide portfolio of high performance computing solutions including GPU powered servers and workstations. Supporting research institutions and businesses throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, XENON will ensure that Mineset customers are able to fully benefit from the speed and powerful data analysis tools provided by Mineset.

“Machine learning and predictive analytics present exciting new opportunities for research and business,” said Peter McGonigal, Solutions Architect at XENON, “The highly intuitive ESI Mineset software tools will enable our customers to utilise their data in revealing new insights and making smart decisions.”

Cristian Tanasescu, Executive Vice President of Systems modelling and Data Analytics of ESI Group adds, “We are very pleased to form a partnership with XENON. By combining ESI’s expertise in leveraging theory-based and data-driven models for improving the virtual product performance, with XENON’s experience in delivering high performance computing and big data solutions, we can define together exciting new opportunities for digital transformation.”


XENON is an Australian leader in High Performance Computing solutions. It focuses on providing tailored and innovative IT solutions that deliver superior high performance computing, server, storage and visual workstation technology. Its product portfolio is embraced by leading scientific, technical and creative communities to solve challenging data intensive computing and visualisation problems.

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