SEO Checklist for Startups: Do This Before Hiring SEO Company Thousand Oaks

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SEO Company Thousand Oaks

So you’ve started your new venture and you want to start making money from it. The first and the foremost thing you should do is get a website. Startups have a lot of things to look after such as staffing, overhead, outreach, and paperwork. Do not forget to hire the best SEO company Thousand Oaks. to help you maximize the profits. You can start looking for SEO agency as soon as you hire a web developer.

While entrepreneurs focus on their business growth strategies, they need to ensure that their project is in safe hands. Hiring the right SEO Company can help you get complete peace of mind and you can focus on the other important aspects of your business. When the best SEO practices are incorporated at an early stage, you can expect good return in a short span of time.


Below is a checklist of essential SEO tips that and tasks for any new startup website. One should check this list before looking for any Thousand Oaks SEO company

Check your website

If you have your website developed, check the page speed and ensure that all the pages load fast so that the visitors do not have to wait to reach the desired page. If your website would take more than 2 to 4 seconds to load, the visitors are likely to leave the website and go away. Check your new website for H1, H2 … Tags, page tags, and title description. Make sure that your website is responsive and it should deliver an amazing user experience irrespective of the platform it is viewed on.

Website Content

If you want to pull users, you will have to write content that includes keywords and relevant phrases. You should post interesting and informative content for the target users. Google considers several factors while analyzing your website. Relevancy of content is one of them. Avoid duplicating content from other sources as it can leave your website penalized. Set up a blog on your website and write posts related to your products or services. Make sure that content on your blog is engaging for the readers.

Broken Links

Fix any redirect chains that your website has. Redirects and broken links make your web pages slow, which results in a poor user experience. Keep the structure of your website as shallow as possible and users should be able to land to the desired page in maximum three clicks from your homepage. You can talk to Thousand Oaks SEO Company to help you with fixing chains or removing dead links.

If you have any questions related to your website or SEO, you can contact a reputed and trustworthy SEO agency in Thousand Oaks and clarify the doubts you may have. In short, one needs to check the health of the website before looking for a service provider. You may not be technically sound, but you can seek professional help and stay ahead in the race.

SEO starts with a good user friendly website and a rock-solid content for the users. Before hunting for SEO Company, business owners need to make sure that their website is up-to-date. specializes in all the different types of SEO techniques and helps clients get the maximum ROI. The company aims at providing result oriented solutions to small and large businesses across the globe.

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