Ion-X Whey Protein Water

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Ion-X Whey Protein Water is a high quality Protein Water specially developed by Ion-X. Ion-X Whey Protein Water is created using only the highest quality whey protein with zero heat processing such that the protein does not go bad at all. Heat is very often used in Protein Water manufacturing resulting in worse quality whey powders. This means that the Ion-X protein water results in a higher yield of protein along with micro proteins like immunoglobulin, alpha-lactalbumins, and beta-lactoalbumins.

When manufacturing the protein isolate, the whey liquid is filtered using a ceramic microfilter resulting in the best whey Protein Water. The microfiltering process is great because you get more whey isolate than from a protein concentrate. Ion-X protein contains a large amount of nutrition and minerals on top of the protein. Ion-X special formula contains:

  • Zero Fat
  • Zero Sugars
  • Zero Cholesterol
  • Only a gram of Carbs per thirty grams

Ion-X protein Water

Ion-X Protein Water is made with 100% organic ingredients meaning the Water taste great! The whey is sourced from only farm raised, grass fed cows without any bovine growth hormone rBGH injections so that it will grow bigger and healthier. The cows are raised organically without the use of chemicals. Organic grasses are used to feed the farm cows.

There’s no MSG, artificial flavors, artificial chemicals, or sugars in these Waters. You won’t suffer from any harmful side effects like you would from other waters using all kinds of unnatural ingredients and chemicals.

Ion-X’s formula is not predigested like other Protein Waters which results in better stomach digestion. A fully predigested powder will be absorbed too quickly results in a spike and wasting a great deal of protein. Rather, Ion-X protein Water is slowly digested.

The flavors of the whey protein are derived from the herb stevia. The herb stevia offers a delicious taste. One of the best things is that it is sweetened with stevia. Stevia is the best and most healthy sweetener. All doctors agree that it’s unhealthy to consume too much refined carbs and sugars so it’s great to see a Protein Water without either. But, chemical sweeteners, such as aspartame and sucralose, also can cause many health problems, and must be avoided as much as possible. That makes it very difficult to find a sweetener that can be safely used in nutritional supplements and food products. But stevia is the perfect solution. It is derived from an herb, it does not alter blood sugar levels, and it tastes great.

The Protein Waters are available in five different flavors. Ion-X Protein Water uses all natural ingredients resulting in great tasting Water! People commonly say that it is the best tasting protein available on the market. It’s available in three variations including Orange Guava Flavour, Melon Cucumber Flavour, and Lemon Coconut Flavour.

You can easily mix up the isolate via blender or hand with a fork or whisk to make a wonderful creamy blend. Ion-X Whey Protein Water is a favorite among who want to be strong and healthy.

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