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Interactive children’s floor contemporary shag rug; alphabet and letter squares for building customized kids floor contemporary shag rug; large bilingual designs and international map and globe style childrens floor contemporary shag rug to stimulate imagination and discovery; fun game center contemporary shag rug and carpets that help teachers and parents educate and entertain; durable rug flooring designs crafted specifically for children and for use in high traffic areas; cute baby floor contemporary shag rug that are ideal in the nursery or playroom – that’s what this week’s rug review is all about, plus suggestions on durable, easy to clean kitchen floor rug designs for families with children and recommendations on where to shop for discount floor contemporary shag rug online.

The latest area floor contemporary shag rug for kids are not just decorative pieces that keep kid’s toes warm, but are also educational, interactive and activity centers and game boards, designed to educate and entertain in fun and unique ways. The large floor contemporary shag rug that re available through a company called Kids Carpet are colorful and well-crafted pieces that stimulate children’s imaginations and may be ideal for bedrooms, nurseries, baby rooms, play areas and even daycares and schools where children can interact with each other and with the carpet they sit on. Let’s take a closer look at the kids floor contemporary shag rug that are interactive and versatile.

Foam alphabet squares are nothing new, but woven carpet squares that are cozy to sit on and yet easy to play with are a new concept. Each carpet square has a letter and an image to help children learn phonetic sounds that match a letter. The pieces are large enough, 1 square foot each, to be an individual mats and are great for playing games with groups of children. These pieces may also be placed on the floor all together to form a carpeted area, and since they are very durable, will work even in high traffic areas or commercial centers like daycares and childcare facilities within stores or offices. They are rated as fire safe even in commercial applications. They are sold in sets of 26 for just under $150. If you’re planning on using these squares to cover a floor, that is an excellent price for a 26 square foot kids floor rug.

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There are dozens of ABC and alphabet children’s floor contemporary shag rug that are practical, but some of the newest incorporate games, like the ABC Caterpillar design that can be used as a game board to play while children sit on the carpet in a circle. The ideas for using the carpet are only limited to the teacher’s and children’s imagination.

One of the most innovative ABC floor contemporary shag rug for kids is the Feelings Bold Colors design that is sold through Kids Carpet. It is a fun, colorful design that has large squares with images of feelings that can be used a means to communicate difficult emotions, open communication between adults and children by using the pictures to discuss their feelings and offer a means for young children to express themselves even by pointing to the images and in that way creating a means to breach a gap between parent or teacher when vocabulary of a child may be limited. It can also be a teaching aid for learning about self-confidence and a way to play games with other children in a healthy open way that brings emotions and feelings into the open.

Another fantastic innovative childrens floor contemporary shag rug concept is the one that incorporates alphabet and seasons and has interactive pieces that match the images on the carpet. With shapes, seasons and letters, children can play a variety of games, alone or in groups, at home or in a more formal setting.

A scientifically engineered carpet for kids that is said to aid the development of both left and right brain activity is the labyrinth alphabet rug. The concentration required to navigate a labyrinth can help to calm children as they play quiet games that lead them to the central star. This carpet is recommended for a space that is either for reflection, quiet-time or placed in an area to reward a child for good behavior. The activities and games that can be developed around this carpet are numerous and the design that is colorful and inspiring is at the same time designed to sooth and calm, not excite.

Large floor contemporary shag rug that stimulate sports are another innovation that has come to the world of carpeting, like the Baseball Field Rug, which is the largest baseball carpet that’s commercially for sale. Kids floor contemporary shag rug that can serve as a complete covering for a recreation room or playroom are few, but this 7 foot rug is large enough for a game or simply as a decorative enhancement to an area with a children’s sports theme.

But not only are there area floor contemporary shag rug for sports and alphabets and games, but also to stimulate global ideas and understanding of other cultures and languages, like the Bilingual Town Rug.

Children can have fun while learning about the areas and buildings that make up a town, but not just any town, but a bilingual one, where all the words are in both English and Spanish. Learn about culture, about geography, about town relationships, right and left, directions and expand English vocabulary and practice Spanish.

Another rug flooring option that’s ideal for children’s playtime activities is the Cruisin’ Around the Town Road Rug that allows children to add cars or other toys to pretend to travel and interact with each other and their environment. It may be a means to teach directions, right and left, accept instructions, learn about traffic signals or just have fun. Even if these carpet floor rug ideas are just used as part of a decorative theme, they will still be a unique addition to a children’s bedroom, playroom or childcare facility, since they are colorful and high quality pieces suitable for high traffic areas and even commercial spaces.

If you like the items that you see here, you can save a lot of money by buying from discount floor contemporary shag rug centers that operate online, like Kid Carpet, where you pay only for the rug and not for the middlemen or showrooms or sales clerks. The unique floor area rug designs we have suggested in this article, when ordered online, will be delivered free of charge within the US.

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