Commercial Truck Graphics Advertising

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Truck Wrap Advertising is a unique way to getting paid to drive a truck. It is when your truck becomes a literally moving billboard which cans trucker advertisement ranging from the most recently opened restaurant to the newest toothpaste in the market.

This brought about due to the struckcity of roadside advertising space in the late 1990s. Companies have been hanging their product posters and billboards everywhere until there was no more real estate to put them. So the idea came for companies to advertise their products and services not in the roadside billboard structures but on the trucks themselves.

And it is not limited to automobiles. Truck Wrap Advertising spanned to anything that had wheels like Buses, Taxis, Trucks, Motorcycles, and Trains. This gave advertisers a new avenue to showcase their products to the public.

In 1993, a company called commercial truck graphics printed a large vinyl “Truck Wrap” Advertisement on a bus for Pepsi Cola. Thus making it the first mobile and rolling promotion of its kind. Another unique project was the Holiday Inn Hotels and Suites’ advertisement literally all over the Amtrak San Diego Train Number 773. Talk about sending your message fast!

Due of the power of technology, trucks, buses, trains and other vehicles do not have to be painted in order to be part of Truck Wrap Advertising. With a special printer, the design is printed on a unique vinyl material that can easily be stuck on a truck without damaging its exterior paint. This makes it easier for participant truck and vehicle owners to add new advertisements on their trucks quickly and efficiently. One truck can look like a big hotdog promoting the latest sausage restaurant in town. The design can be anything you can think of. All you need is just a little creativity.

Because of the uniqueness of this clever operation, companies had to wait in line for their advertisement to be on these moving marquees. Truck Wrap Advertising was a big hit that made plenty of companies a lot of money. In fact, each Truck Wrap Advertising can make between $100 to $3,200 depending on the mode and the location.

There are certain companies that offer ordinary truck owners the opportunity to be in Truck Wrap Advertising. By signing up with a Truck Wrap Advertising provider, an ordinary citizen can have his truck become a mobile product endorser. Of course, it wills all depend on the product and if the one who owns the product has a truck preference. For example, if the product is targeting the upper class market, they require upper class trucks to showcase their brand. A certain ad will fit a certain truck.

Of course, as you become part of Truck Wrap Advertising, you are also adhering to the product you are advertising. It makes the truck owner an immediate endorser. One must not involve themselves in Truck Wrap Advertising if they do not believe in the product.

Truck Wrap Advertising is a unique business venture that has given different companies a new avenue to promote their brands, products and services and has made these Truck Wrap Advertising providers a lot of money.

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