Coffex Coffee Talks the Ethical Coffee Bean

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As we make progress towards more conscious consumers, it becomes clear how easy it is to overlook what goes into bringing a product from inception, to creation and finally into our hands. From eggs, to diamonds, to forest sustainability, some companies are taking a firm stance towards corporate and social accountability. As wholesale coffee roasters Australia suppliers, we at Coffex Coffee comb the world looking for not only the best in coffee, but that which is ethically sourced and Organic.

Fairtrade on a Global Scale

Fairtrade is a social movement advocating better education, and the unification of farmers to strengthen their position and ensuring fair pay. As Fairtrade points out, the livelihood of 125 million people – many living in developing countries – depend on coffee to survive. Not in the context that we talk about needing a morning coffee though. Poor yield, fungal disease affecting crops (such as leaf rust disease), and climate change can decimate these farmers and their families. 20 percent of which are smallholder farmers whose production, accounts for 80 percent of the world’s coffee.

This is all before we consider the lack of access to current market information, how severely coffee as a commodity fluctuates, or power relations in developing countries that expose farmers to exploitation. Fairtrade currently represent 810,000 farmers in 30 countries of which Coffex is proud to be a part of.

wholesale coffee

wholesale coffee

The Move Towards Organic Coffee

In order to maximise coffee production, many farms have used a multitude of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers. And while an immediate issue is the affect on the soil and subsequent environment, a more pressing concern is the impact it may have on the coffee producers, farmers and, we the coffee drinkers. This has led to more and more coffee roasters, sourcing organic coffee. Organic coffee retains the authenticity of taste, but is also more sustainable, and better for the consumer.

Melbourne Wholesale Suppliers and the Conscious Coffee

At Coffex, we seek Fairtrade coffee and are delighted to bring our customers the Global Café Direct range. If you want to know more about Fairtrade certified coffee providers, there is a list available on the Fairtrade website. For the coffee farmers, this means education for their children, fair wages, and security against corruption and mistreatment. We are also certified by ACO (Australian Certified Organic), which is Australia’s largest certifier of organic produce, meaning that we source 100% Organic Certified Arabica coffee beans. For our customers, this means ethically sourced and organic coffee. Bringing unique flavours from around the world, free from synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, and pesticides.


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