Best Bargains for Baby Clothes UK

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Baby Clothes UK

I have been asked to do a blog on baby clothes UK.  Well, I’m 46 years old, and have not had a baby for over 19 years!!  However, I do have some great nephews who are still babies and many of my co-workers are just starting their families, so I do remember what babies look like.

baby clothes uk

baby clothes uk

Shopping for baby clothing UK is not one of my common adventures, since I do not have any babies to buy clothing for.  But I can take myself back several years and recall that the best baby clothes UK I ever had for my daughter come from friends:  hand me downs.  Hand me downs are a wonderful way to save money on baby clothes UK.  Babies grow so quickly and rarely do they wear out an outfit like the older kids do.

I was fortunate to have several friends with daughters and they were all separated in age perfectly so that we could swap clothes.  We would just mark the tags with our initials and return them when the kids outgrew them.  It was a wonderful way to save money, especially since 2 of us were single mothers.

Another money saver is to shop garage sales.  Baby clothes UK and kids clothes usually go for next to nothing at garage sales in our area.  I have one co-worker who is a genius at finding the best bargains at garage sales.  When the season starts, people will actually give her lists of things to look for.

I know times have changed since I was a mother with a baby, but I believe the bargains are still out there to be found.  Whether that is friends you can swap kids clothes with or hitting the local garage sales, you can find some great deals.  It just takes a little more work and some time, but definitely worth it in the end when you consider the savings.

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