Bachelor Party Guide Part-3

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bachelorette party planning

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The Location

You can have our entertainer(s) perform at just about any private location such as someone’s house, a hotel room, private banquet room, hall, or a party bus or limo. You can also have the entertainer perform at a public location such as a office, bar or Mandala night club Mexico. If you have your event at a public location, you must have a private room if you plan on having the entertainer(s) Male strippers Perth topless or nude. Otherwise, the entertainer(s) are only allowed to strip to a bikini or lingerie (females) or boxers (males).

Halls are great for accommodating big crowds and for those worried about having their homes destroyed. Keep in mind that most of them have time limits on the partying, drinking, entertainment. Find those times out before sending the invites and hiring the dancers.

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If the party is small, it’s warm out and you can have people outside, or your property is big, homes are a good place to throw down. You don’t have to worry about having close times, big down payments, or drunk driving.

Hotels are all right if it is the only option and the party is not too big. Make sure that you have a room that is surrounded by other empty rooms to minimize the risk of being kicked out.

The Food & Beverages

Most folks order the typical bachelor party courses: Super subs, pizza, chicken wings, as well as having chips, pretzels and such to munch on. Barbeques are a fun way to start the party, but not really practical for the duration of the party.

bachelorette party planningIf good food is a necessity for the large majority of your guests you might want to have everyone bring a dish or two, like a potluck. Most wives, girlfriends, or significant others are willing to make food, so long as they think it’s a simple night of poker and drinking. (Do not tell your wife you are having entertainment and expect her to make good food for the evening. She might put a laxative in your food to make for a crappy night! Yes, it has happened.)

It’s a bachelorette party planning, so drinks are a must. The general rule is that if the bachelor remembers the evening, the party was a failure. Simply: If he can remember, he can be held accountable. Be a good friend and do what’s right.

Here are a few important things to take into account when stocking up on the beverages. Beer is a must. If you are expecting many guests you might want to look into getting a keg. Keg’s are an economical option over a bunch of cans and bottles.

Keep in mind the liquor laws in your state and make sure that you are stocked with enough to last the entire evening. You may want to send someone out for a quick “booze run” before they stop selling in your area.

Chicks like mixed drinks. Always make sure to have something light on hand for the dancers. Wine coolers, Hard Lemonade, and other “mixed drinks” are pretty popular with the entertainment. You can’t go wrong with Captain Morgan’s either!

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