Adrenal Fatigue and How Health Supplements Can Help You Recover

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Nowadays, you can say that stress is a normal occurrence of life. Unfortunately, this makes people more susceptible to developing adrenal fatigue too. And when this happens, one of the best ways for the body to counter its effects by supplementing on certain nutritional substances that are critical for adrenal support.

Understanding How Adrenal Fatigue and How it Harms the Body

Typically, the body is ready to deal with stress. After all, it has a NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) stress response system that it can always rely on. The NEM stress response system is made up of several of the body’s systems and organs.

Among these are the adrenal glands. These glands are primarily involved in the body’s hormone response. In the face of stress, the adrenals would produce the primary stress hormone cortisol, which would support a fight or flight response from the body. Soon as the stress goes away, the adrenals lessen cortisol production significantly.

When the stress becomes chronic, however, it forces the adrenals to keep producing cortisol until it can no longer keep up with demand. This causes a hormonal imbalance which triggers adrenal fatigue. This condition wreaks havoc in the body. It causes symptoms such as low blood pressure, anxiety, irritability, muscle pain, joint pain, abdominal fat and even depression.

Indeed, the effects of adrenal fatigue are quite dire. The only way that the body can start relieving the symptoms is by giving it several nutrients essential for adrenal recovery. These can go a long way in supporting adrenal function so that it is also able to help you deal with stress better. That said, one of the best ways to ensure that your body immediately gets the right nutrition is by taking nutrients in the form of health supplements.


Suggested Supplements for Adrenal Fatigue

As you may have realized, nutrition plays a critical role when it comes to addressing the harmful effects of adrenal fatigue on the body. Vitamins, minerals and other nutritional substances can also help the adrenal glands recover faster so that your quality of life would significantly improve.  

Just note, however, that it is possible for your body to react negatively towards some supplements. This may be the case if you happen to have an allergy or intolerance for certain herbs or other ingredients included. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you attend a consultation with your physician or nutritionist first before trying anything out. This way, you can avoid the possibility of suffering from intolerance or allergy altogether.

That said, here are a number of suggested adrenal fatigue vitamins, minerals and other health supplements that can help you with adrenal recovery:

B Vitamins

B Vitamins such as vitamin B12, B1, B5, and B6 play an important role when it comes to aiding adrenal glands. In fact, a study conducted by the Serbia Health Center found that supplementing with B vitamins such as B6, B1 and B12 can lead to a faster production of hormones that are vital when it comes to stress response.

Vitamin B5 is helpful in producing produce co-enzyme A in the body. This is vital for the proper of a breakdown of carbohydrates, protein, and fats as well as cellular respiration. On other hands, vitamin B1 plays a key role in how the body processes glucose. Meanwhile, vitamin B6 supports the body’s metabolism. It is also involved in the production of adrenal hormones. Finally, B12 aids in energy production among others.

Vitamin C

You may not realize it, but your body uses up a significant amount of vitamin C to be able to keep producing cortisol. And soon as the vitamin C in the body is depleted, the adrenal glands are no longer able to produce enough cortisol to keep dealing with stress.

Hence, it is recommended that you take a vitamin C supplement especially when you are dealing with adrenal fatigue.

When supplementing with vitamin C though, make sure you only take the recommended dosage. This is because when taking excessively, it can cause constipation or diarrhea. If you are not sure how much vitamin C you should be taking for adrenal recovery, it’s best to consult with your physician.


Magnesium is a mineral that greatly helps in helping the body maintain a good energy flow. This may explain why people tend to feel cranky and depressed when they are running low on magnesium.

Hence, it is critical to supplement with magnesium when you are already experiencing adrenal exhaustion. This would help give you some more energy, so you don’t feel so tired all the time.


Tyrosine is an amino acid which also happens to be a precursor to various neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine and dopamine. When you’re stressed out, your body tends to become depleted of these neurotransmitters. Fortunately, supplementing with tyrosine can help reduce this decline.

Licorice (Glycyrrhiza Uralensis)

Licorice is highly regarded in Chinese medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also great for helping your body maintain good energy levels and even increase your endurance. In addition, a study conducted by Zagazig University in Egypt found that licorice has significant alleviative effects when it comes to oxidative stress.

Remember, when it comes to adrenal fatigue nutrition is key to fighting off its harmful symptoms. It’s the best way to effectively put your body on the road to recovery. At the same time, you should also note the importance of avoiding further stress in your life. This way, your adrenal glands would have the chance to recover from adrenal fatigue without having to worry about getting overworked again soon.

When it comes to adrenal recovery, there are a number of health supplements that you can consider. These include vitamins, minerals and even herbs that readily support adrenal health.

Dr. Michael Lam is a physician who specializes in anti-aging and nutritional medicine. He believes that with proper nutritional support, adrenal recovery is possible in the face of adrenal exhaustion.

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