Month: May 2019

Curriculum Update: Internet of Things and Arduino

What do Fitbits, smart lights and thermostats, voice assistants, and self-driving cars have in common? They are all part of the Internet of Things and they are all powered by microcontrollers! Here at Launch, we’ll be rolling out new curriculum modules designed to teach kids the fundamentals of circuits, robotics, IOT, and programming microcontrollers like Arduino. These projects will be available to advanced students in our after-school program as well as in an abbreviated form for our week-long Google summer code camp. In this unit, students take on the role of Payload Commander of a mission to Mars, and...

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Searching for Fitness Classes near me? Check Out Gym/Dance Studio Dance Dynamics

If you understand the important role physical activity plays in your health – but hate going to the gym – you might find yourself searching for fitness classes near me with a sense of dread. Cheer up! The solution is simple – forget hours of jogging on a treadmill and choose to have the time of your life with fitness dance classes in Melbourne instead. Dance workouts offer incredible health benefits and help you lose weight. Here are a few reasons why dancing is such outstanding exercise. It’s both aerobic and anaerobic Dancing provides you with both aerobic and...

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How Can You Benefit From Allentown Gyms?

Most of us neglect our health and fitness these days. Many people think that they do not have time to hit the gym. Maintaining a good health becomes important to reduce the stress in everyday lives. There are several benefits of joining Allentown gyms. As there are many gyms in Allentown, you need to make sure that you enroll with the best one. Maintain a healthy diet along with a well-planned exercise routine to start living a healthy lifestyle. We Will Discuss Five Major Benefits Of Joining Gyms: Get Healthy Some people who have a hectic lifestyle and they...

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The Top 5 Hotels for Security in India

In this India edition, we are looking at the top 5 hotels in India. Our local security providers and security managers have drawn upon their collective experience and corporate knowledge to pull together this list based on an extensive understanding of the particular dynamics of the region. Please click on each below to be linked to their specific details. JW Marriot Hotel St Regis Hotel Hyatt regency Hotel Hilton India Reforma Four Seasons India Security Transportation and Executive Protection India ETS are executive protection and Security Transport India providers with extensive experience of operating throughout India. We utilize trusted, vetted local personal security specialists and have a pool of vehicles available, including armored vehicles. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, or consider visiting our innovative web-based platform providing our clients the capability to book security transportation and executive protection services online ExecSecure Please Note: ETS base all our assessments and advice on the latest information available to us but we encourage all our clients and travelers to monitor local travel advisories and their home country’s guidance period to travel. As appropriate you should consider seeking the specialist advice of expert security providers prior to travel Please Contact Us. Execsecure accepts no responsibility or liability based on the advice presented here. Please follow and like...

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Learn More About Dental Implants Keysborough as Well as Dental Hygiene

Dental implants Keysborough are the best treatment method for replacing lost teeth. Tooth implant has to be regarded as a smart investment, which provides excellent oral and overall health as well as a satisfying appearance.  Good oral hygiene is necessary to maintain oral health particularly in the presence of dental implants.  Mainly because a tooth implant is made from titanium or other biocompatible material, they don’t form cavities.  Nonetheless, they are in contrast, prone to bone loss.  Swelling of supporting tissues with the presence of bone loss around teeth is known as periodontitis. The motto for tooth implant patient’s...

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