Month: December 2018


At Pulse, we have two distinct training programs. There’s small group training and large group team training, but do you know why? Do you know the difference or how each can help you achieve your fitness goals? Well I’m here to break it all down for you. First, let me give you a quick overview of training variations. There are: traditional training methods, circuits, drop sets, supersets, tri-sets, complexes, pyramids, horizontal, vertical, metabolic resistance training, high intensity interval training, cardio, etc. Then you have: set variations, rep variations, tempo variations, rest intervals, training volume and frequency. Let’s not forget...

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Buy Billy Joel Event Tickets Online-Part 2

Part – 1 Billy Joel released a double-album compilation, Greatest Hits, Vols. 1 & 2 in the summer of 1985. Two new songs — the Top Ten “You’re Only Human (Second Wind)” and the Top 40 “The Night Is Still Young” — were added to the hits collection; the album itself peaked at number 6 and would eventually sell over four million copies. In the summer of 1986, Billy Joel returned with the Top Ten single “Modern Woman,” which was taken from the soundtrack of Ruthless People. “Modern Woman” was also a teaser from his new album, The Bridge,...

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Buy Billy Joel Event Tickets Online-Part 1

Part – 2 Billy Joel never was a critic’s favorite, the pianist emerged as one of the most popular singer/songwriters of the latter half of the ’70s. Billy Joel’s music consistently demonstrates an affection for Beatlesque hooks and a flair for Tin Pan Alley and Broadway melodies. His fusion of two distinct eras made him a superstar in the late ’70s and ’80s, as he racked an impressive string of multi-platinum albums and hit singles. Billy Joel was raised in the Long Island suburb of Hicksville, where he learned to play piano as a child. As he approached his...

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Whey Protein Water Drinks Australia

Whey protein is an essential ingredient in dietary supplements and protein water. Muscle builders and gym enthusiasts need this in order to build up those lean and hard muscles. Consumption of this kind of protein must be done in a constant basis in order to promote outstanding muscle growth.  However, whey protein has not been affordable at first. This is the reigning truth around 2 to 3 decades ago wherein only the rich and the elite can afford such a supplement.  This prompted the emergence of numerous whey protein water drinks Australia that allowed budget minded people to personally...

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Top 3 Privacy Protection Apps for Your Mobile Phone

From time immemorial privacy has been a major concern for all. Privacy protection was more of a necessity than an option for the users. People are always making attempts to safeguard their personal data and privacy from getting public. Measures have always been adopted to ensure that your privacy is not at stake. With the development of technology, malicious attacks, hackings, thefts, and scams have also increased to a considerable extent. Android platform is an example of technological progress in recent times. Smartphones are a common device used by almost all individuals in this modernized society. These smartphones, the...

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